Who Am I?


This is my first post on the website that has been so kindly done by a talented web designer. He has so much more patience than I could ever dream of achieving. I am forever grateful.

I guess I should start by telling you who I am and why you should read my blog and care who I am. In the past, I would have told you who I was by a list of what I like to do with my time. The list would go something like Photographer, Vlogger, Blogger, Hiker, and the list would go on… Yeah, six months ago it would have looked like that. But six months ago, I lost the love of my life. My handsome one. My guy. The father of the only child I have ever had the blessing to carry and my support when we lost our child at 16 weeks. The guy I couldn’t wait to come home to love on, talk to and just bask in the presence of. The one who called me every single day at lunch just to chat. The one who would show up outside my work just to see me, kiss me and hang out with me. Yeah, my world. And, on August 19th, he left me without my having any warning. He helped me make dinner and then went and sat down in his recliner and that was that. He had a heart attack caused by a heart arrthymia. Only, the EMTs have told his family and I that we might have gotten him back if he had only he hadn’t had that Whopper on the way home. If only he hadn’t aspirated it into his lungs. If only…

If only has rattled around in my brain for months now. That if only started a chain of events that leads me to today and trying to answer the question. Who am I? Well, quite honestly, I am not sure. Turns out that is a complicated question. I am still all of those things I mentioned above. I just don’t place as much value on them as I used to. So, now your question should be…what is this blog all about? Well, it is about my crazy life. All of it.

I take off on crazy tangents and get sidetracked on so many passions making a list just isn’t possible. The constants of my world are these: Faith, Family, Work, and Photography . And…yes, about healing from a loss so profound that my view of the whole world and what is important changed. I hope you will join me on my journey. Maybe somewhere along the way I will be able to answer the question Who Am I and not just tell you what I like to do.